Together we can figure out this parenting thing.


Your challenges are
our challenges.

We're passionate about bringing innovative, tech-driven solutions to parents. First up, a discreet, quiet breast pump that fits under your shirt so you can finally pump on your terms.


We're all about empowerment, inclusion,
and openness.

Hello! We are Sam and Jared, a wife-and-husband team based in St. Louis, Missouri. We have a toddler son named Exton (who is Babyation's Chief Baby Officer). We created Babyation from a desire to improve the breast pump, but we quickly realized parenting is more than just that. Every day, we are inspired to create new and better experiences for parents, and we look forward to sharing them with you. Almost as much as we look forward to taking a nap. 

“I would have loved to use a pump like this one.”
“Here's to bringing breast pumps out of the dark ages.”
“The most ingenious part of the design is that bottles don't hang right off the suction device.”
“Building a better breast pump, not a milking machine.”
“The breast pump finally joins the 21st century.”
“Disrupting the traditional pump market.”
“It's about damn time for a breast pump upgrade.”