A hospital-grade pump that's actually comfortable

Quiet. Efficient. Convenient.
And feels just like your baby.

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Finally, a pump that puts you first.

Pumping. Streamlined.

Pumping. Streamlined.

Our pump is everything you need...and nothing you don’t. Easy to clean, discreet, battery-powered, and app-controllable, it’s pumping reinvented.

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Nipples, rejoice!

Nipples, rejoice!

Our suction was built to actually mimic a baby. It’s comfortable and efficient. Because we’re women and don’t need to be milked like cows.

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Not Your Basic Breast Pump™

WHISPER QUIET • So you can hear yourself think.

ULTRA DISCREET • Featuring the world’s smallest breast shields.

APP CONTROLLABLE • Pumping (and feeding) just got a whole lot smarter. Track how much you pump and when you feed–all from the palm of your hand.

EASY TO CLEAN • Motherhood is busy enough without cleaning a million tiny parts every time you pump.

SUCTION THAT MIMICS BABY • Where others “pull,” our suction “collapses”–which is how a baby nurses

Who We Are

At Babyation, we create space where you can navigate breastfeeding and pumping with care, support, and products designed for you and your holistic needs.

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