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Designed for work, home, and anywhere in between. With the world's smallest breast shields, ultra-quiet motor, vacuum-boost technology™, and a sleek, go-anywhere design, The Pump is a total game-changer.

Why should I choose this pump over another one?

Our patented vacuum-boost technology™ creates the only suction that mimics how babies suckle. Our breast shields are made of silicone. They're buttery soft, utterly comfortable, and completely flexible. Our enclosure is optimized for a day on the go with a built-in ice pack, a place to store all your parts, and extra bottles. Finally, it's battery-powered!

Tell me more about The Tubes...

Our tubes are actually two tiny tubes bonded together. Milk flows through one of the tubes, and air flows through the other. The result is that our pump can do some pretty amazing things with suction (like the fact that our suction is actually comfortable and efficient). Other breast pumps may have tubes, but no one else has a patented tubing system like ours. It’s the tubes that allow our pump to have a suction that mimics a baby. Because the tubes are so long and thin, they need to be replaced daily for safety reasons. An added bonus of this is that cleaning is a breeze at the end of the day; we have the fewest parts to clean of any pump, by far! The Tubes are fully recyclable, and we partnered with industry-leading TerraCycle™ to develop a recycling program for the tubes. To get your free recyclable tube bag, visit our Accessories page and scroll down to find the button that says, "Recycle your Tubes here."

Ok, so how exactly does it all work?

Think of the enclosure as an all-in-one cooler, bottle holder, pump motor, and parts storage. When you aren’t pumping, everything you need fits in there. When you are pumping, our super-small breast shields are the only thing that’s on your body. Our breast shields are soft and comfortable and feel just like a baby. The breast shields then connect to the tubes which connect to the bottles in the enclosure, and milk flows through the tubes before going into the bottle. When you’re done pumping, simply store the tubes in the tube bag, nestled in the top of the lid, until your next pumping session.

What comes with The Pump?

Each pump purchase includes the enclosure, two pairs of breast shields, two bra pads, four bottles, twenty sets of tubes, one ice pack, one strap, one tube storage bag, two sets of posts, and one charger.

Dimensions + Details

Each breast shield weighs approximately 0.6 ounces and projects 1.6 inches off the body. The enclosure is approximately 12" x 5" and weighs 4.8 pounds.

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