The Tubes
The Tubes

The Tubes

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The Tubes are what powers our patented vacuum-boost technology™. By having milk flow through them, we're able to create the most discreet on-body experience while maximizing comfort and milk expression. Tubes come in sets of 20 ($35 for a set of 20 tubes) or sets of 60 ($99 for a set of 60). A set consists of two pairs, and one set will last the entire day.

How do The Tubes work?

The Tubes connect the breast shields to the bottles in the enclosure. For safety reasons, they must be replaced every 24 hours or if 6 hours have passed without pumping. The Tubes are fully recyclable, and we partnered with industry-leading TerraCycle™ to develop a free recycling program for the tubes. For more information on that program, scroll down the page!

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We love all Mothers, including Mother Earth.

We partnered with industry-leading TerraCycle® on a recycling program for The Tubes and our plastic packaging. To recycle your tubes and plastic packaging (it's simple, we promise) click the link below.

Recycle Your Tubes Here →